8 main human emotions/Happiness/Sadness/Rage/Fear/Surprise/Affection

Emotions are characterized as physical or emotional sensations felt by human beings, caused by some stimulus, such as a feeling or an event. 8 main human emotions

Emotions allow a person to react in a certain way to an event, in a very personal way, as they can be felt in different ways by each person.

Until today it is not possible to define or quantify the exact number of emotions felt by human beings, but it is possible to identify the main ones. Are they:


Joy is considered a primary emotion, which arises from certain positive stimuli in the human environment.

It is perhaps considered the most positively felt emotion, as it is capable of expanding the ego and infecting all those closest to you. It can be experienced when enjoying the good moments of life with pleasure , whether alone or with friends, family, etc.

Its effects are always reflected in strengthening impulses and a high general energy flow, resulting in a tendency towards physical approximation, such as touching, hugging, among others. 8 main human emotions


Also characterized as a primary emotion, sadness provokes sensations that are opposite to joy , such as low self-esteem, loneliness, depression, etc.

Usually, it is triggered as a frustration to something in which a lot of positive expectations were created, generating a negative feeling.

The most common is that one can express sadness through words and gestures, such as crying or withdrawing from the social environment, in order to recover and stabilize energy.


Anger is also considered a primary emotion, triggered when human beings need energy to overcome obstacles or threats to their life or condition.

It works as an instinctive reaction to the first sign of threat, and it can have reactions such as violent attacks or defensive movements.

Anger can result in reactions such as revolt, indignation, anger, among others.


Despite being considered a primary emotion, fear is characterized as a negative impulse, which can prevent any action that could put the human being’s life in danger. 8 main human emotions

However, fear also teaches respect and limits in attitudes, in addition to motivating individuals to overcome this limitation.


Surprise is seen as a feeling reactive to some unexpected event, whether positive or negative.

Also considered as a basic emotion, it can manifest itself from nerve impulses, originating from the release of adrenaline in the blood. It is capable of increasing the heart rate of the person experiencing it.


Affection is also considered a basic human emotion.

It is characterized as a positive feeling present in states of love and affection, in the most diverse instances of human relationships: maternal, fraternal, filial, romantic, etc.

It is closely related to other positive feelings, inducing a physical approach that conveys the idea of ​​protection.


Aversion is considered a secondary emotion, as it can originate from other emotions.

Usually, it is characterized as a feeling of repulsion or disgust, which pushes away something or someone who conveys negative feelings. 8 main human emotions

It can present itself as a certain repulsion to something that is not considered right or positive.


Also considered as a secondary emotion, trust can have high levels of other emotions.

It consists of a feeling of security or a firm conviction that a person will have another person or something. However, it can also relate to self-conceit.

Trust is very necessary to be able to overcome some fears, however, to have trust, you need to recognize a certain level of affection for what you are trusting. 8 main human emotions

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