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Onomatopoeia and its description


Onomatopoeia comes from the Latin onomatopoeia , which is the oral linguistic imitation or the written word or representation of a natural sound , for example, of animals, or of some noise or acoustic or even visual phenomenon, for example, a click , a zigzag .

In linguistics , onomatopoeia is the phenomenon of certain linguistic signs that describe or suggest an object or action that means, directly or by any of its manifestations.

It is also the rhetorical figure that consists of a repetition or an alliteration of linguistic sounds that mimic sounds that correspond to some element of reality. Onomatopoeias are widely used in comics and comics as sound effects.

Each language has its own onomatopoeia and, although these terms or expressions arise from the imitation of the same sounds, in many cases the differences are considerable. For example, the dog that says wow , in English is woof ; the rooster that says kikirikí , in English is cock-a-doodle-doo ; the frog that says croac , in English is ribbit ; the chick that says tweet is in English tweet ; the duck that says cuac , in French is coin-coin .

To write onomatopoeias, you should know that they do not need italics or quotes, they are usually accompanied by exclamation marks, and they are written in capital letters when you want to express a particularly loud sound.


  • Auditory onomatopoeia . Those that represent the sound through words created specifically for it, such as “ticking” for the sound of the clock, “pum” for firing a cannon, etc.
  • Visual onomatopoeia . Characteristics of a certain type of poetry , they sought to represent a visual image through the spatial arrangement of words and / or letters on the page, creating so-called  calligrams  or graphic metaphors .
  1. Animal onomatopoeia

The most common onomatopoeia of animal sounds in Spanish are:

  • Chickens :  Tweet
  • Roosters :  Kikirikí
  • Hens :  clo
  • Ducks :  quack
  • Cats :  meow
  • Dogs :  wow
  • Sheep :  bee
  • Pigs :  oinc
  • Frogs :  croac
  • Cows :  muu
  • Crickets :  cri-cri
  • Bees :  bzz
  • Snakes :  ss s
  • Horses :  iiih
  • Howls :  auu
  • Grunts :  grr



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