Month: September 2019

  • Semantics

    What is semantics? Semantics (from the Greek semantikos , ‘what has meaning’), study of the meaning of linguistic signs, that is, words,…

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  • immediate constituent analysis in linguistics

    Immediate constituent analysis in linguistics Immediate constituent analysis, also called Ic Analysis, in linguistics, a system of grammatical analysis that divides sentences…

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  • What are pronouns?

    What are the pronouns in English? Pronouns are words that are mainly used to replace a noun in the sentence. However,…

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  • What are the articles?

    What are the articles in English? Articles are  grammatical elements that modify the noun. There are two types of articles in English: the definite (defined…

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  • What are interjections?

      What are interjections?   The interjections are words that are not a part of the sentence. They are equivalent to sentences that…

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  • What are conjunctions?

    Conjunctions in English Conjunctions are words that link words, groups of words or sentences and clarify the relationship between them.…

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  • What are Sentences?

    What are Sentences? A  sentence , in grammar, is a word or a set of words that express a meaning on their…

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  • What is Clause?

    What is Clause? A clause is a group of related words that a subject containsand verb . clause = subject + verb Clauses are the basic pieces of sentences in the English…

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  • What is Preposition?

    What is Preposition? It is known as a preposition to the invariable part of the sentence, whose job is to denote the relationship…

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  • What are adverbs?

    Adverb What is the Adverb? It is known as adverb to the invariable part of the sentence that the meaning of the verb,…

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